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Membership Benefits

A yearly membership to Fashion Agents AU is only $250 (inc. GST), and comes with the following benefits:

Increased visibility

By placing an agency listing on, you will be increasing your online exposure to potential clients, retailers and designers.

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We are highly ranked in Google and other search engines, and receive thousands of visitors each month. As we focus solely on fashion agencies and the labels they represent, visitors to the site get the information that they're really after, so we enjoy a low "bounce rate", long page viewing times and multiple click throughs. A listing on will also increase traffic to your own website and help with your website's Google page ranking.

Dedicated Agent Page

As well as appearing in our search results, you'll get your very own page on As all of our pages are indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo, your fashion agent listing will also show up in all major search engines.

Label / brand listing

Our database cross-links labels, brands and categories, so anyone searching for your label will also be directed to your agent listing.

Social network integration

Social network integration with Facebook and Google+ is coming soon, and will be available for all members.

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